Summer Care with Aveda



 As the weather warms, the humidity will be on the raise.  Aveda offers a few great options to either embrace or block the humidity. The Smooth Infusion line is designed for straight styles. There are products to make curly hair straight.  The Be Curly line is designed for curly hair styles.  There are products to enhance wavy hair to become slightly curler in ribbon like form. Also there are products for battling the humidity or frizz.

Body Moisturizing Tip

Applying lotions or cremes, we suggest the skin can be damp or dry.  Applying oils, we suggest the skin be damp for better absorption.  Taking a warm but not hot shower will improve the dryness. A cold rinse is great for the hair, skin, & a refreshing way to end your shower!


Aveda has three products in this line.  One is a hair veil spray that you may spray on hair before going into the water designed to protect hair from absorbing harmful chemicals.  Aveda also has a product to use on hair and body after you have been in the water.  Either pool or ocean activities, it is important to wash off and this product is wonderful. There is a conditioning masque to follow up with for your hair.




Rinseless Refesh is one of Aveda's newest products.  It is a dry shampoo for curly or texture hair.

Heat Relief is our thermal protector for hair.  It protects the hair from heat up to 450 degrees. it comes out in spray form.                   

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