Fall Care with Aveda

Fall is here at Uptown Looks Salon!

Cherry Almond is back!!

 After years of asking, Aveda has brought back Cherry Almond.  There is a Shampoo, a Conditioner, a Leave-in Conditioner. This is a softening line of products, using 38 flower & plant essences. Since this line is for certain types of hair, Aveda has also made a Body Wash & Body Lotion with this wonderful aroma. 




This year at Aveda, we are selling our famous Hand Relief with the cherry almond aroma! $5.00 from each sell will go to support cruelty-free research.

SAP MOSS is back!!

After popular demand, Aveda's Sap Moss Shampoo & Conditioner is back.  It is considered to be a weightless hydration line. Boost hydration by 81% with a plant base formula.


Body Moisturizing Tip

Applying lotions or cremes, we suggest the skin can be damp or dry.  Applying oils, we suggest the skin be damp for better absorption.  Taking a warm but not hot shower will improve the dryness. A cold rinse is great for the hair, skin, & a refreshing way to end your shower! With cold weather coming, the skin & hair gets more dry & will need moisturizers & conditioners to help balance things. It seems to help if you start using these products at the beginning of the season, instead of waiting until January, when the condition of the skin or hair is so dry.  


Rinseless Refesh is one of Aveda's newest products.  It is a dry shampoo for curly or texture hair.

Heat Relief is our thermal protector for hair.  It protects the hair from heat up to 450 degrees. it comes out in spray form.                   

We offer Salon Gift Certificates in any denominations for retail & services.   

Please visit Aveda.com for any on- line ordering.