Holiday At Aveda

Holiday Gifts are here at Uptown Looks Salon!  Come in to see what we have for gifts for the special people in your lives. Also the fall/winter cosmetics are here for you to feel good going to all the holiday events. Aveda has partnered again with Nepal to make our wrapping paper for the custom gift-sets & for your own purchase to wrap yourselves.  The paper is from the lokta tree.   Harvesting the bark, pressing & dying the paper has employed over 5,000 people in Nepal! We have products that start at $9.00   

Why Give Aveda?

CRUELTY-FREE  Body, hair & skin care tested on people, not animals

NATURALLY DERIVED  Ingredients from plants, non-petroleum minerals or water

CERTIFIED ORGANIC  90% of the essential oils in our aromas are certified organic

WIND ENERGY  Manufactured in the USA

RECYCLED BOTTLES & TUBES  Made from up to 100% post-consumer recycled materials

CERTIFIED WILDLIFE FRIENDLY  Gift wrapping paper also created jobs in Nepal