Holiday Specials

We are closed until Tuesday December 3.

Uptown Looks Salon Holiday Specials are:

* Hair Care Essentials: 3 regular size Hair Products & Receive One Mini Paddle Brush. valued at 20.00.

* Skin Care Kit: Creme Exfoliating Cleanser, Liquid Exfoliant, & Hydrating Lotion in regular size for $80.00. Save 10.00 & Receive a Lip Saver, valued at 9.50.

* Guest Bathroom Kits:

Two sizes for each category, Travel & Regular. Price for any Travel Kits are 15.00. saving of 3.00. The price of regular size kits are listed below.  ^= Kits are with either Shampure, Rosemary, or Cherry Almond.

  1.  Shampoo & Conditioner^

  2.  Body Cleanse & Body Lotion^

  3.  Gel Facial Cleanser & Hydrating Lotion

   4.  Volumizing Tonic & Air Control

   5. Hand Relief & Foot Relief

***Enter our Drawings to win either a travel size basket, value $88.00, or a regular size basket complete with a hand-blown glass gifts value 150.00.  To be eligible to enter, you must buy 15.00 of retail for the travel basket, & 30.00 for the regular size basket.  Drawing will be on December 20, 2019.