Hello Everyone,

April is Earth Month for Aveda! They have always celebrated & raised awareness all month.  This year, we have a challenge for everyone to try. Aveda has partnered with Charity Water to help communities world wide. Women are usually tasked with bringing the water home. It takes an average of 3 miles for them to walk. We have a 6gallon water jug at the salon & we have filled the jug with 5 gallons of water. The challenge is if you can carry it around the salon or outside around the block. 

 Mario has released a collection of hand-blown glass bowls, just in time for Easter!! They are $20.00 & higher. We have these cute "Be my Vegan" Make-up bags from Aveda that sell for 15.00. If you purchase both items you receive a complimentary Aveda Travel Product!! Come in or call for curbside pick-up.

 Getting hair and skin ready for summer is a must. Doing weekly or monthly facials & hair reconditioners can play a vital role in healthy personal care.  April is a great time to do these rituals, but with summer around the corner, time is of the essence. Make a cup of Aveda Comforting Tea & give yourself a facial &/or Hair reconditioning treatment.

Aveda is re-launching their rewards program. It is now Aveda Plus. It is much easier to redeem the points. Uptown Looks can now redeem for product if available and make a service certificate with enough points. 

* For the glass items, please call, as the items are from a local artist.

*  We offer curbside pick-up for product orders, Please call/text 217-753-4115. 

 *  Please visit the Aveda Link on this website to place your order, if you chose on-line ordering. 


1. "Nutriplenish" - travel size Shampoo & Conditioner, & 8oz Leave-in Conditioner.

2. "Cherry Almond Body Care" - travel Hand Relief, 8oz Body Scrub & Lotion. $58.00

3.  Air Control & Paddle Brush.


* Also, when ordering Aveda products on-line, Please visit our website www.uptownlookssalon.com, then use the link for Aveda.com, as we receive commission from Aveda for the orders!!

Thanks so much for visiting our website, we can't wait to see you!

 Karen & Kevin Clarke